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The Court System has expanded the use of the internet and related technologies to serve the public.  We are proud to offer you this website which reflects your suggestions.

This website is  designed  to assist the public in retrieving  official copies of  their personal or corporate bankruptcy files.  All orders received M - F prior to 5 P.M. (excluding legal holidays) are processed and sent via e-mail within 1 hour.  Records are available from all chapters of bankruptcy.   See below for pre-selected  packages to choose from. 

Now Under New U.S.C. § Bankruptcy Code, you may eligible to receive your bankruptcy records Free of charge. Click the information icon to find out if you qualify 

Offering Same Day Service to all 50 States including District of Columbia

NOTE: This website is for ordering personal Bankruptcy Court Records only. Corporate bankruptcies and all other court records must be ordered by calling the Service Center at (800) 833-2924.

Bankruptcy Docket
Bankruptcy Records
  $10.00 - The Docket is a register of general information that happened during the bankruptcy such as status, case number, filing / discharges dates, Attorney / Trustee information.
Discharge Records 
Bankruptcy Discharge Records
  $15.00 - The Discharge / Dismissal Records is the official actual order of the bankruptcy judge relieving the debtor of further liability for debts after the bankruptcy is complete and closed.
Schedules & Discharge Records  Bankruptcy Schedules Discharge Records
  $30.00 - The Schedules are a list of all Creditors included in your bankruptcy, this package also includes your Discharge Records.
Complete Bankruptcy File
 Bankruptcy Records Complete File
  $40.00 - The Complete Bankruptcy File includes all documents filed with the courts by your Attorney or Trustee in reference to your bankruptcy case.

Phone Orders (800) 833-2924
ote: Extended hold times are possible on Mondays due to heavy call volume.

Bankruptcy Records
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get a copy of my bankruptcy records free?

A: Your attorney will usually keep copies of your file for up to 3 months after your bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed. However, this does depend on each attorney.

Q. Bankruptcy Records are public records and should be free, why do I have to pay  for my records?

A. It costs to store and upload bankruptcy and court records from the database. Cost's are to off set fee's.

Q: How do I know my bankruptcy records are available?

A. If you filed bankruptcy in 2003 or prior, your records are limited, call the Service Center to check the availability prior to ordering your records.

Q. How can I get a copy of Corporations and Business who have filed bankruptcy

A. All Corporation and Business Files, or Dockets, may be ordered by calling the Service Center due to the size of the file.

Visit the FAQ page for additional Questions or contact us

Phone: (800) 833-2924 l Fax (480) 247-4500 l
 Email: records@bankruptcy-records.us

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