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ORDER FORM- Complete Bankruptcy File $45

All orders are processed through the live database are emailed to you within 1-2 hours
Service Center hours are 9 A.M.- 5 P.M. M-F 

​If your bankruptcy was filed prior to 2005 call (800) 988-2448
Note: Extended hold times are possible on Monday due to heavy call volume

The Complete File includes all documents filed by your Attorney, or the Trustee assigned to the bankruptcy case during the bankruptcy. The Complete bankruptcy file can include the following:

  • Voluntary Petition 
  • List of Creditors  
  • Schedules A-J
  • Mortgage Papers (if any)
  • Amendments to Schedules
  • Reaffirmation agreements 
  • Lien Avoidance (if any)
  • Discharge or Dismissal
  • Final Decree (if any)

Prices are quoted for personal bankruptcy files, filed after 2005. Business or Corporation filings must be ordered by calling the Service Center. Personal files are limited to 75 pages, If the file is over 75 pages, each page there after is .50 per page. You will be notified if the file is over the 75 page limit, and given the choice to trim down the file or pay the overage. You can call (800) 988-2448 Option 2, to request a page count of your bankruptcy file prior to ordering. If there is an Adversary case associated with your bankruptcy file, you will be notified and you can choose to or not to order it. 

  • If you have questions prior to ordering your records, or if you want to get a page count of your file, you may call the Service Center at (800) 988-2448, or there is a Live Chat at the lower right side of the website.
  • Inform us on the "Comments or Additional Information" text box, if you have filed bankruptcy multiple times.
  • Please note that if your bankruptcy was filed in the year of 2005 or prior, the records remaining in your file are limited and will need to be custom ordered by calling the Service Center at (800) 988-2448. Available documents in files filed in 2005, or prior are: The Notice of filing, List of creditors, Docket and Discharge Summary, an additional charge applies to these files. If additional documents are needed in files 2005 or prior, NARA (a government agency) stores the records for 15 years. NARA charges $22 per 15 minutes to copy bankruptcy files over 150 pages plus the regular fee, for files stored in the NARA warehouses.
  • If you need to order a bankruptcy file on a corporation or business, call the U.S. Records, Service Center to custom order, due to the size of Corporate files.
  • After your order is complete, the first email you receive will be your receipt. The receipt will contain your "invoice number". Please keep this for your records.
  • The second email you receive will contain your bankruptcy records via pdf attachment. These are your actual documents, if you do not see the email that contains the attachment in your inbox within 1 hour, please check your "junk or spam" mail, depending on your email provider, the filters and privacy settings that apply.
  • Page limit for the Complete File is 50 pages. You can call the Service Center to get a page count prior to ordering. Any bankruptcy files over the page limit will be an additional 50¢ per page thereafter. You will be notified of any additional charges. There will be two separate transactions on your debit / credit card statement for any overage. 
  • If we are unable to locate your bankruptcy, you will receive an email from the Service Center asking for additional information or to verify all the information the order form was entered correctly. Your method of payment will not be captured until your bankruptcy records have been located and emailed to you.
  • You may also verify you have the correct information prior to ordering our records by calling U.S. Records, Service Center.
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