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Please Note: Bankruptcy filings filed in 2005 and prior, have limited documents remaining in the governments electronic database. Call (800) 988-2448 prior to ordering.  

Q: What documents are needed out of my file if I am applying for a mortgage or refinancing my home?

A: Complete File.

Q: What records will I need from my bankruptcy file if I am trying to correct discrepancies on my credit reports to raise my credit scores?

A: Schedules D, E, & F and Discharge, unless you reaffirmed on a creditor during your bankruptcy.  Then you would need your complete file to obtain your reaffirmation papers.

Q: What records will I need from my bankruptcy file if I am  trying to obtain a license of any kind such as: Attorney's license, Insurance Brokers License, Stock Broker License etc...?

A:Complete file.

Q: How long is my bankruptcy records kept?

A: Please note that if your bankruptcy was filed in the year of 2005 or prior, the records remaining in your file are limited in the Public Access Database (a government agency where U.S. Records pulls the federal records) and will need to be custom ordered by calling the U.S. Service Center at (800) 988-2448. Available documents in files filed in 2004 or prior are: The Notice of filing, List of creditors, Docket and Discharge Summary, an additional charge applies to these files. If additional documents are needed in files 2004 or prior, NARA (a government agency) stores the records for 15 years. We can assist with ordering your file through NARA.  

Q: Can I call and check if my records are available before I order them?

A: Yes, (800) 988-2448

Q: Are you a government agency? 

A: No, we are a Court Records Retrieval Service that pulls court records from the government's federal court record database.

Q: How long will a chapter 7 bankruptcy stay on my credit? (see credit page)

A: Ten years from the discharge date.  

Q: How long will a chapter 13 bankruptcy stay on my credit?

A: Seven years from the discharge date. 

Q: What do I do if a debtor tries to collect on a debt that I filed bankruptcy on?

A: See the Credit page

Q: Can I order bankruptcy records from all the bankruptcy chapters?

A: Yes, There are four types of bankruptcy cases provided under the law.

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