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       The Complete Bankruptcy File includes all documents filed by the Attorney or Trustee during the bankruptcy case, Such as: Petition, Schedules A-J, Reaffirmation Agreements, Lien Avoidance, Amendments, and Discharge / Dismissal Documents.

Bankruptcy Discharge Records
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How can I get a copy of Corporations who have filed bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy paperwork
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Ordering Bankruptcy Records

      The Docket is a register of general information during the bankruptcy. Such as status, case number, filing & discharges dates, Attorney & Trustee information.

Bankruptcy File - Complete

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The Attorney may keep copies of Bankruptcy Papers for up to 3 months after your bankruptcy case has been discharged or dismissed. However, this does depend on each attorney. The Discharge records are free if the bankruptcy discharged less than 30 calendar days from today.

A. All Corporation and Business Files, may be ordered by calling the Service Center, due to the size of the file.

A. Bankruptcy records were kept indefinitely until 2015. Laws changed to keep bankruptcy files for only 15 years. This has caused a problem, with what is refereed to as "zombie" debt.  If Creditors are trying to collect on old bankrupt debt. See the Credit page for assistance. 

A. Normally, bankruptcy papers are sent electronically via email, within 2 hours if the bankruptcy requested was filed after 2004.  

A. If you filed bankruptcy in 2004 or prior, your records are limited, and may not be available to order electronically. Call (800) 833-2924 to check the availability prior to ordering your records, if this applies to you. The records may be available through NARA. We do not work in conjunction with NARA or any of its representatives. However, we can assist you in the ordering process. U.S. Records fee's to assist in the retrieval process of obtaining bankruptcy paperwork from NARA, depends on the time involved and cost involved for U.S. Records, plus NARA's fees

Bankruptcy Schedules & Discharge Records
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Why are creditors trying to collect on debt included in my bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Records

Where can I get a copy of my bankruptcy records free?

How do I know if my Old bankruptcy file is still available?

       The Discharge / Dismissal Records are the Official documents signed by the judge to provide proof the bankruptcy is complete.

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       Schedules D, E, & F, includes the list of all Creditors listed in your bankruptcy. This package also includes your Discharge / Dismissal Records.

How long does it take to get bankruptcy papers?

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This website is to assist in ordering Official Bankruptcy Court Records. All Corporate Bankruptcy case files, must be ordered through a U.S. Records Clerk, by calling (800) 833-2924, Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM (excluding legal holidays). All online orders for personal bankruptcy files, are processed through a live database. Bankruptcy Paperwork is electronically sent via email. Larger files may take up to 2 hours to receive.        

Under U.S. Records § code, you may be eligible to receive your Personal Bankruptcy Discharge Records Free of charge. Click on the link to check  eligibility requirements  for Free Discharge Papers.

Have you been contacted by a creditor, trying to collect on an old bankrupt debt?  Click Here 

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