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​​​Description: The certificate of Non Bankruptcy confirms that a person, or company is not, or has not been under bankruptcy / insolvency procedure, in any court, having jurisdiction to file a voluntary or involuntary petition in any United States federal bankruptcy court. A Non Bankruptcy Certificate may be requested by the individual or any interested person. All Non-Bankruptcy Certificate's issued, are verifiable by calling the number listed on the certificate.

A bankruptcy /insolvency search is an inquiry conducted on individuals to ascertain his/her bankruptcy status (i.e. whether the individual is a bankrupt) in the United States. 
Information needed for individual search:

            1. U.S. issued ID number / SSN (last four)
            2. Full Name of individual (First, Middle, Last)

A corporate bankruptcy / insolvency search, is an inquiry conducted to determine the liquidation status of a company that have filed for bankruptcy / insolvency.

            1. U.S. issued EIN number
            2. Name of Corporation as filed with EIN / IRS 

After providing the above information on the application form (above), all results matching your search criteria will be retrieved, verified, then searched on the United States National Bankruptcy / Insolvency database. Once search is compete, the a certificate will be issued and provided for proof tin the applicant's individual, or corporate name, to the recipient of the request.

For verifying a Non-Bankruptcy Certificate, the Reference Number is printed on the certificate, and is required for validation, by calling (202) 539-1777 option 3.

Online Application form for issuing a Non Bankruptcy Certificate

Bankruptcy Background Search -  For Issuing Non-Bankruptcy Certificate

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