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Have you been ask to provide proof you or your corporation has never filed for bankruptcy in the United States?

For Corporate request's, call (800) 988-2448 option 3 to place your order with a clerk.

​Description: The certificate of Non Bankruptcy confirms that a person is not, or has not been under bankruptcy procedure. A Non Bankruptcy Certificate may be requested by any interested person. The certificate may be issued in English or Spanish. Certificates may be issued only for persons with U.S. ID.  For issuing a certificate, the following are required: (1) Last four of SSN number (2) The full name of the person in whose name the certificate will be issued. Once the electronic payment is made, the certificate is sent within 48-72 hours to the applicant's email, unless rushed, then the certificate will be emailed within 2-4 hours of the applicant's email. The certificate is sent by USPS only if requested by calling (800) 988-2448 option 3.

Non-Bankruptcy Certificate Letter,  is a certificate of proof that a person, or company has not filed for bankruptcy/ insolvency, in any court, having jurisdiction to file a voluntary or involuntary petition in a federal bankruptcy court, or any petition or other pleading seeking a readjustment, liquidation or similar relief for itself, and the company has not been served notice of any pleading being filed against it seeking an adjudication of bankruptcy, reorganization, composition, readjustment, liquidation or similar relief under any law or regulation.

A bankruptcy search is an enquiry conducted on individuals to ascertain his/her bankruptcy status (i.e. whether the individual is a bankrupt) in the United States. An individual debts

A corporate insolvency search, on the other hand, is an inquiry conducted to determine the liquidation status of a company that have filed for bankruptcy / insolvency.

Who would ask to conduct a bankruptcy or corporate insolvency search?
A bankruptcy and insolvency search can be conducted at the request of anyone . This includes employers, employees, investors and creditors.

Why Might One Conduct a Bankruptcy or Insolvency Search? F
or a few examples:

  • For new employers 
  • For holding certain licenses 
  • For inverstors
  • For name changes

For investors

Likewise, a prospective investor may conduct a bankruptcy / insolvency search on a company or person to ensure that the company/ person has filed bankruptcy.

For job applicants

Additionally, a job applicant may wish to conduct an insolvency search to ensure that the company they want to apply to is not in the process of being wound up. This is because a company that is being wound up may not have sufficient funds to pay salaries to its employees, and would not be able to provide its employees with career advancement opportunities after it has been wound up and dissolved.

How to Conduct a Bankruptcy or Corporate Insolvency Search:

A bankruptcy or corporate insolvency search can be ordered by calling (800) 988-2448.

The following information is required for the search:

For personal bankruptcy searches: the individual’s name, identification number (SSN)

For corporate insolvency searches: the corporation’s name, and (EIN) number.

After providing the above information, all results matching your search criteria will be retrieved, a certificate will be provided for proof to the recipient of the request.

Cost of an Online Bankruptcy or Corporate Insolvency Search:

The fee for an online bankruptcy search $45 per district. This is regardless of whether the result is positive or null. 

The same fee applies for an online corporate insolvency search.

A Nation wide search can also be done, the cost of a multiple district search will can be provided by calling a clerk at (800) 988-2448.

Payment can be made with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

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