How can I get a copy of Corporate bankruptcy files?

How can I get a copy of my bankruptcy records free?

Creditors collecting on debts included in an old bankruptcy?

Where can I get Old bankruptcy papers?

U.S. RecordsBankruptcy Division
Official Bankruptcy Court Records

& Bankruptcy Paperwork (800) 988-2448

Are bankruptcy records public?

Schedules / Discharge Records - $35
(includes discharge records)

The Schedules / List of Creditors package Includes; The, Bankruptcy Schedules D,E,F, (Creditors listed in the bankruptcy) and the Discharge/Dismissal Records. These are the official documents filed by the Trustee or Attorney. The Schedules include a list of all creditors listed in the bankruptcy, along with the account numbers, and the dollar amount of the debts. 

This package is what is needed for credit reporting errors, & proof for debt collectors trying to collect on old debt. 

Prices are quoted for personal bankruptcy files only. All Business or Corporation filings and Adversary cases must be ordered by calling the Service Center at (800) 988-2448 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday (excluding legal holidays). 


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